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    One of my silkie hens has been broody for awhile and I finally put some eggs under her. This is my first experience with a broody. Every time I peek in the coop, she's there. Will she eat and drink on her own (there's nothing in the coop as far as food and water... it's out in the run) or do I need to do something for her? I would think she'll have some kind of instinct about this and can manage but I want to be sure she doesn't starve to death!

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    The reason I like to put food and water near a broody is that after the chicks hatch, she will need to tend to them. If she leaves her chicks another hen might kill them.

    Also, the chicks will need food and water nearby, too.

    I have only had two broody hens. I only allowed one to hatch chicks. I removed her from the nest once a day and placed her outside the coop. She would then take about 20 minutes to exercise, eat, and drink. She did lose a lot of weight.

    Some here on BYC don't do anything different for their broodies. I really don't have much experience. I did read on BYC one account of a broody actually starving herself to death. But I think that is probably rare.

    I don't think I cleared anything up for you- sorry!
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    I currently have two broody hens, and they get up a couple times a day to eat and drink.

    One hen is really friendly, so when she sees me walk outside, she'll run up to me, and I'll throw her some food out.
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    I have a Buff Orph who has been broody pretty much all the time since last fall. She is so crabby, we call her zombie. Go near her and she growls and snaps at you. It's funny though. I have food and water close to her, but I also throw her out of the coop when I get home from work and make her run around. Silly chicken doesn't she know? (We have not roo around to romance her)[​IMG]

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