first time candling eggs


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
A little history on my eggs first. 9 of my eggs are black copper maran that I ordered after one of my hens went broody. 2 of them were eggs that I just let her sit on until the good eggs got here. She sat on them for a full week then decided not to be broody anymore, so I went and bought small incubator. So she sat on them for a full week, and have been in incubator for 2 days. I just candled the eggs for the first time today using a strong LED flashlight and an empty toilet paper holder. One of the "old" eggs, I threw away, it seemed to be oozing stuff out its pores, and seemed to be smelly. Two of the BCM eggs were so dark and plus have even darker spots, and I could not tell anything. But the other BCM I could see a darkish area like on one side, but could not see any veins or anything. But heres the kicker, the other "old" egg, which was laid by an Ameracauna, has a VERY obvious chick in it, which seems to be way farther along than the others. I could even see it moving!! So now what do I do when it hatches before the others?? I have never done this before!!!

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