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    Ok so I am not the mom but the grandma...either way its my first time to have a chicken with eggs under her. I got 5 fertile eggs from a friend for my brooding chicken. She has been sitting on them for 18 days...I put a flashlight to one yesterday to see what I could see..and its pretty solid looking in there...didn't see any light. From what I have seen on this site, I guess that is ok. I didn't know that I shouldn't touch them and about the big end having to be up? Tonite is the last time I messed with them ( I was collecting unfertilized eggs from under her..I have no rooster) I hope I didn't mess things up?! So...21 days will be Sunday!!! What do I do? Will they come out by themselves? Then what? I really don't want to botch this up...I AM SO EXCITED!! She won't know they aren't hers when she sees them will she? She is beautiful...not sure what kind...kind of a bluish black. See I got these birds for my 27yr old daughter for Easter...well that was 2 years they are mine! Darn kids!
    Anyways...I have several other questions but this is most important at this time..Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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    A good hen will hatch the eggs, look after them and give you endless joy. Sometimes a hen rejects the chicks, but it's rare. So don't worry! When the chicks come leave them under her for a bit, the temptation to take them out to look will be huge, be patient and leave the egg shells. She will dispose of them. If she hatches say, 3 or 4 and wants to get up 2 days later and the other egg(s) haven't hatched it's up to you if you want to help. I've helped a chick like that who survived. Before you do that though, GENTLY shake the egg and see if the contents sloshes around inside (rotten egg). You could also hold it against your nose and sniff. If it smells of nothing there may be a chick in there. You may be able to hear the chick cheeping inside the shell, good sign. Chicks can take up to 24 days to hatch (or longer!)
    I've read other posts on the topic of helping. Have a look at them also to be sure.
    But things will probably turn out fine, so enjoy it. It's a wonderful experience. [​IMG]

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