First Time Chicken Mother!! 9 wk old Silkie Bantie cockerels FIGHTING!! What do I do?!!!


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May 8, 2016
2 of my little Silkie Bantie babies started serious fighting today and I don't know what to do! They had been facing off for a couple of weeks and jumping in the air at each other with their hackels up; but them seemed to get distracted. But today I heard the fight from my deck and scurried out thinking a predator had attacked one of them!
I did pick up the little guy that ran under the hostas because the other one went in after him. When I held the little guy in my lap he snuggled up to me and made the most pitiful baby noises. I didn't want to put him down again, but figured if I separate him, it will only get worse if I try to re-introduce him; plus he would be so lonely.
This is my first time with chickens and I live in a city that will only allow hens. I know others have this same situation. So my second issue is how do other BYC members place their little cockerels into new homes? Do you advertise on Craigslist, Word of Mouth, 4H kids?
Here's a link to the YouTube video of the fight (I hope this loads).

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Sep 13, 2011
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Welcome! Silkies are so cute! If they are injuring each other, or risking heat stroke, separate them until they are rehomed. How many chicks do you have, and how much space for them? Put up signs with cute pictures (or pictures of adult Silkies) at the feed stores, hit craigslist, your state thread here, and there might be an auction nearby. The sooner your cockrels are gone the better, if you can't have crowing in your neighborhood. Mary

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