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    Apr 2, 2016
    HI everyone, so i'm new to the world of owning chickens and its been going great until now Yesterday at around 5pm i went to check on the girls, i have 2 hens Chelsea and Chloe. i noticed that something was wrong with Chloe's wing, it was kind of just flapping around and not laying flat against her body. i quickly tuck to the internet and from what i found i figured she somehow dislocated it or maybe even broke it. Either way i figured i should wrap it up so it can heal and keep her away from Chelsea for a while. now that the wing is wrapped i notice that Chloe is walking funny and ends up falling over, i figure this is because she doesn't have the use of one of her wings to help balance. What i want to know is is there anything else i can do or should be doing. like i said i'm a first time chicken owner and actually these are my first pets ever so i'm a bit nervous. Thanks in advance for any help that could be given

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