First time chicks, my heart is melted.


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Mar 20, 2018
Tonight we received our first batch of chicks! It came as a little bit of a surprise as we were expecting them tomorrow. This is our first venture into the land of the feathers and I’m already in love. We’ve come to name one Buzzard, my husbands favorite, who loves to face plant into ground as he sleeps.
Along with the love has come the heartache. As we opened our box, we realized that one of the chicks wouldn’t make it the night. I’ve been sitting here googling, researching different things and reasons, but I’ve only come up with ‘sometimes these things just happen’. I understand this is true, but it still sucks. I’m so glad I came across this site and all the wonderful people who seem to fill it.
Welcome to the sorry about the little one :hugs and yes, it does "just happen" sometimes and it DOES suck! But enjoy the others and keep reading and ask any questions you have! This is a great and supportive group of wonderful, knowledgeable peeps!
Enjoy your time here..:love
I think most of us here have been where you're at right now. Congrats on the newbies! You learn a lot of lessons raising chicks. And unfortunately you're learning a sad one early on. BYC is a very helpful and supportive place. Welcome to the community!

Good luck!
Also, if you add your general location to your profile, we will know what kind of weather you have in your area. This will help greatly, if your weather will have an impact on the answers you receive. I'm near Charlotte NC you might be in Alaska, totally different answers to questions, involving weather/ climate.
Is it still hanging in there? I have only had chickens for the last year and was not brave enough to get chicks with my first flock. I ordered them as month old pullets. A few months later I got chicks and was not very successful. I got 8, when they turned one month, one of them died and they every 3 weeks to a month or so, another one would die, until I only had 2 left from those chicks. That was hard. Then I got two adult leghorns and have had them since November and it just isn't the same. I am not attached to them the same way and there is no friendly bond. I take good care of them but they are so flighty and do not enjoy people, and I am just not as attached. We got our new chicks Feb 22nd and they are all healthy and good still. Keeping fingers crossed that continues. I have learned a lot about chicken keeping over the last year, and have much more to learn. I am sure you read up on how to be prepared for them, but just in case: did you give your chicks electrolyte water and dip their beaks in the water when you put them in the brooder? Have you checked for pasty butt? Are they on a probiotic in their water or feed? If one of yours arrived and seems listless, you might use a syringe or dropper and drop water with honey, sugar or electrolytes right at the seam of it's beak, some will dribble in and it will drink a tiny bit, and this might give it a bit of energy to pull through. Another idea: if you have a heating pad, set it up in a tent position at the cooler end of the brooder, and put the sickly chick inside the tent near one side of the little tent.

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