First time duck mom!


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Apr 28, 2017
Hi everyone! I'm new to this so please forgive me if I'm doing something incorrectly! I have some questions/concerns about my birds:

Earlier this spring I rescued two teeny ducklings from a family who bought them for their daughter for Easter and then panicked when they doubled in size in a week. *sigh*

I have a large back yard and a coop/run set up already, so I thought, why not! I did my research and they have grown to be healthy and happy HUGE Jumbo Pekins.

Shortly after rescuing the ducks, I also obtained a young chicken, due to similar circumstances. The three bonded and do everything together.

HOWEVER, I'm starting to realize, after some period of denial, that both of my ducks are drakes. My chicken is a hen. They have started to be ... interested in her and are fluffing up their neck feathers, trying to mount her (I think?), etc. and I'm starting to get worried. I know that if they try to mate with her that there is a possibility that they will kill her. What is the actual chance of that happening? If I get some female ducklings to be their future mates, will they leave her alone? Should I get rid *shudder* of one or both of them?

They are my pets and I absolutely love them, but I want to be realistic about my little flock. My coop is about 4ftx5ft and their run is about 5x10. They roam the back yard during the day, but I worry about having a larger flock. I already have four more chicks in the brooder and don't really want many more birds! Could I make do with just two more female ducklings? I know drakes like to be in trios, so should I try to find one of mine another home?

Any advice would be wonderful for this first time bird mama. I'm trying my best to have a happy and healthy feathered family!


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Jan 12, 2016
Prineville, OR
I have too many drakes also, (we intended to cull but never got around to it)and I do notice that they ease up on the females a bit each time I add a female, but I frequently see 2 males hanging out with a female and since it's only 2, it doesn't seem too rough. It would probably be a good idea to try to get a female duck for them, but drakes are not as rough as roosters (no spurs) so just keep an eye on your hen and maybe set up a hospital cage near the drakes domain just in case.

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