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    Well as the title says this is my first time ever incubating eggs, I won an auction on ebay and got 10 assorted silkie eggs. The eggs shipped from Florida to me (in Duluth, Minnesota) It was in the 20's to 30's in my area at the time of arrival. None of the eggs were broken or cracked so I was pleased with that. I let them sit in my room for a few hours, I'd say it was at least 2-3hrs maybe 4 then I put them in the incube, (only until a few days after did I hear that some people say they should sit for 12-24 hours) Oh well, [​IMG] anyway they seemed to be room temp so I figured it was ok to put them in. On day 3 I checked the eggs, most if not all the yolks look reddish so I assume that means they're fertile. 1 egg with "partridge" written on it and another 1 "black" had loose air bubbles in them, I assume that's a bad sign? I did read up on incubating but still a newbie on the stuff. They're currently being incubed at 100 degrees at approx 45% humidity.

    Now being day 5 I candled the eggs again, and to my surprise one egg is definitely forming veins. There's a few others that kinda look like they might be but I'm not 100% I'll have to check them again in a day or 2. But the definite one has what looks like "Red" written on it, but I'm not sure if the lady even has red ones. If it is red, I'll be really happy cause that's a tough color to get for some reason. I didn't take the eggs out of the turner cause of the risk of messing them up so right now I'm just candling them inside the incube.

    Pictures pictures pictures!!! Bottom line is, I'm excited!!!

    Here's some other "Potentials" that I may see coming, this picture (below) is one with "Grey" written on it, but I'm not sure if there's even grey silkies though, on her auction page it did say she has silver which would be cool to have, and I hope that's what she meant.

    Here's another that somewhat looks like it has possible veins, this one was next to the "Red" and had "Blue" written on it.

    [​IMG]So far things are going good I think...
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    They look fertile I recently hatched my own silkies a day ago lol

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