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    For the first time in all the years of raising birds (I have not kept birds since I was 16, I'm 46 now) I had a 100% hatch. I kept 8 grey jungle fowl and sold the rest of the eggs, well late last month I got my first chick to hatch and by the next day all 8 had hatched. I wanted/expected 6 which is why I kept 8 eggs, I wanted to mix and match these with the other birds I am getting, I have some F1 chicks coming from a friend on the east coast so I will have some great genetics for next season. All of my birds can be traced back to wild stock with the father of these chicks having a pedagree back to wild imports, the mother coming from a very good breeder in FL and the pair of new birds each having both parents wild imports.

    Here are a couple of photos of the hatching:


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