First time for broody Brama

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    Aug 28, 2015
    My Brama got broody a few months back. We had made a broody box for our NH Red prior to this, but when I tried to move the Brama to it, she screamed bloody murder and wouldn't go near the eggs in that nest box again. We came back from vacation last week and found her broody, on the floor of the coop in a nest of straw. The hens had started to lay their eggs there and I guess without us there to collect the eggs, Louise decided it was time for motherhood. (We had gotten chickens last summer- one of the hens ran off and showed up 5 weeks later with 3 chicks in tow that we named Huey, Dewey and Louise) Anyway, we decided to move her because the other hens still laid their eggs there, and Louise would roll them under her. You could see the eggs at the edge of the pile. We moved her last night while they were roosting. Husband held her and I tried to transfer the eggs to a litter liner in the same position in which they were under her. There were over 20 eggs so I didn't move all of them. We placed the eggs in the broody box and placed her on top, but she moved off the eggs. We thought she'd get situated, but this am she was still off the eggs. As of this evening, she may have moved some under her but most are exposed. What happened? Did we scare her? What can we do so she'll hatch chicks successfully?
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    [​IMG] Some hens are more difficult to move when broody and will refuse to set in the new site. Given her previous performance, sounds as if she is one of them.

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