First Time Foraging!

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  1. Birch66724

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    Jun 21, 2018
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    I let my chooks out of their run for the first time this evening, just for a little while, and they absolutely loved it! Some more than others, granted, but they love munching on grass. MVIMG_20180623_203500.jpg My Australorps were quite unsure.
    But my little Rhode Island Red was the most curious, but she also didn't want to be photographed!
    IMG_20180623_203510.jpg IMG_20180623_203509.jpg
    They all went back into their coop as soon as it became dusk, (with a few mealworms I must admit), and up on their roost they went!
    IMG_20180623_210525.jpg And, for an added treat, here's a classic summertime Minnesota sunset! MVIMG_20180623_204719.jpg Happy chicken keeping and hope all are well!
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  2. Coop de Grass

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    Nothing quite like happy chicklets! :wee
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    lovely birds and that sunset is to die for- absolutely gorgeous
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  4. BY Bob

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    Jan 1, 2016
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    Chicken life at it's best. Something new to explore then back to bed with your friends for a good cuddle and sleep.:thumbsup
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