First time hatching! PICS ADDED!!


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Sep 7, 2009
Memphis, TN
I purchased some Silkie eggs online. Well 3 where busted when I got them and as I watched there progression only 3 out of the 15 I got showed any development. So right now I have an egg that is pipping!!! I am so excited! I am just worried that only the one is going to hatch because I hear no movement in one of the eggs and another is showing a very large airpocket and I dont think it will hatch. I was very dissapointed in the eggs I got online. They were packaged very poorly. But I got a baby on the way!!! It is chirping and pecking away, very strong!! I hope to post some pictures by tomorrow of my new baby. I had a couple mutt eggs hatch on monday so at least it will not be alone.
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congrats on the little baby silkie hatching. i would love to see some pics. Large air cells are not THAT big of a problem. I have experience with large air cell'd hatching egg's and "for me" piped and hatched right out!!!

As far as the person who you bought the eggs from, personally i would demand my money back based on the amount of unfertilized and broken eggs. Also the fact of ow horribly packed they were. It sounds like your entire transaction is 90% the seller's falt.
i think the eggs were too expensive with this problem.

can't wait to see those silkies. feet feathered little chicks.
Well I dont think the other 2 eggs are going to hatch. I hear no movement. My silkie hatched Thursday at about 2am. How long should I wait on the others until I just give up?

I am getting more silkie eggs this weekend. They are not going to be shipped. I am getting them from a lady a couple hrs away. I am also getting some laying silkies and a rooster on Sunday.
I just had so much fun hatching, even though I didnt have much luck with shipped eggs. I hatched 2 of the 3 mutt eggs I had and 1 out of the 12 silkie eggs.

Here are my new babies!!!


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