first time hatching turkey


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Mar 12, 2013
I have 6 eggs in the bator .. Well only one hatched out so far.. When it hatched i actually thought i was going to die that night as all it did was lay there and kick its legs around i would pick it up and it wouldnt even raise its head for like 24 hours.. I left it in the bator and this morning when i got up it was a lil tank! ruing around all over the place and getting up on the eggs. None of my ducks or chickens was ever like that. And how long should i wait over the egg date before i throw them out.. as they all candle good and have babies in them.. the father to them i was told was a standard bronze ... the hen im not sure which hen its out of as one en is a royal palm and the other is a Narragansett... I am just worried about the other eggs..

I would wait about 2 days from the day it is scheduled to hatch. And that day is what day???? After that time, I would gently crack it open and gently peel away the shell to see if the baby is still alive and perhaps needs some help getting out. Don't just throw the eggs away without knowing that is going on inside.
well i ave had 2 hatch and dies with in a few days of hatching :/ i opened up one that didnt hatch and it didnt have no feet O_O was rather nasty looking. i have 1 more in the incubator hatching today and 1 under the hen that is also hatching.. she got broody so is sitting on 4 turkey eggs out there.. see if she has better luck then i do lol

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