First time in Maine


Nov 16, 2020
Bethel, Maine
Many people visiting Maine "from away" don't know how to take us native rural Mainers, and we like to have fun with that :)
I know a guy from NJ who's been coming up for bear hunting season for years, helping out and hunting with a local guide. We were at a houndsman bbq when we met his wife, having come to Maine for the first time. I asked her what she though of the people up here that she had met(it was obvious she was a "city girl"). She said that she thought we were "nice". This was an opportunity to have fun and get that dumbfounded reaction I so enjoy getting...I told her that most people coming here find us to be "rugged individualists" and that was just a polite way of saying they thought we were a##holes but liked us anyway.....You can imaging the look on her face-PRICELESS! Maybe we are, or maybe I am, but we are helpful and kind to others. You'd like us too, as long as you can handle be teased and picked on a little. It builds character :)

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