First Time Incubating- 14 hatched 10 didn't Pics of babies!


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
Well I am happy I got 14 babies and really that is plenty this was just a test hatch to see how to run the incubator. The only thing that bothers me is that there where fully formed chicks in all 10 eggs that didn't make it. I think its because we kept having to open the bator to help a chick. Then the humidity would drop making us have to help another chick. In the end though I am still glad we helped because 4 of the chicks that lived would have died otherwise. I will keep a higher humidity through the whole thing next time.
Here are the pics of the babies.

This one and the one under this had to be helped out of the eggs they where shrink wrapped in there.

I will get more pictures later when the computer and photobucket are being more cooperative!


CA Bean

11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
Central Coast -California
That is a good hatch rate though..were they on shipped eggs? How low did humidity go, just out of curiosity..I have my first batch in the bator and am trying to do everything perfectly.

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