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    Hi all!! So, i am doing everything backwards. Starting with shipped eggs and I will end up having a staggered hatch as well. Phew. I like the challenge.
    I have eggs coming in the mail today, tomorrow and at the end of the week. I'll let today's eggs( d'uccles ) sit till tomorrow night and put them in the bator tomorrow night with tomorrow's eggs ( isbars). Then add the last bunch Friday/Saturday ( cream legbars ) after they get a chance to settle. I have a few questions, and plan to keep this post updated with progress!

    I've had my bator on for two days now and the temp is holding steady at 100. ( still air hovabator ). Should I raise the temp a bit to 101? Or is it good?

    I know to let the eggs settle after shipping. I've been reading mixed opinions on turning shipped eggs though. After I set them, should I leave them along for 5 days or so to continue settling and reattaching air sacs? Then begin turning them? And, when I start turning them, should I put them on their sides in the bator, for the rest of the incubation, or leave them fat side up? What is better with shipped eggs?
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    yes you should have the temp higher in a still air. Welcome to BYC @kirlo357 [​IMG] WOW some great breeds too!!!

    I put a ton of info here to help others Hatching Eggs 101 I will paste a bit of it for you because I think it helps to understand why you need to do certain things during incubation! please understand that what you need to do is get the internal temp of the egg to 99.5-100.5 Some people that use still air only do 101.5 at the top of the eggs, it depends on your bator and turner and other stuff, its best to chat with others....

    DO YOU understand humidity and its not a set number? we are always on this thread you are welcome to jump on any time its typically faster and tons of people prob have your bator..... INCUBATING w/FRIENDS! come hatch, learn, Chat, Meet new Friends!


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