First time incubating

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7 Years
May 16, 2012
Shell Rock, Iowa
We collected 9 eggs from our 2 brooding hens last week. I keep trying the candling to see if we have chicks but all I can see is dark on one side and light on the other. Could I be that lucky that everyone of those eggs have a chick growing inside? Or do I just have eggs that are slowly hard boiling?
What day are you when you candle them?

Also try an LED light in a very dark room as it makes things much clearer. As for the dark mass it's difficult to say. If i have eggs like that i turn them slowly and look at it from different angles to see if i can see any veining. Sometimes a pulsing embryo will appear from nowhere.

Ps if you have a high cockerel to hen ratio it is quite likely they are all fertile and growing well. I have one rooster with 6 hens and he rarely gives me infertile eggs.

If you don't see anything i guess you'll find out in a couple of weeks :)

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