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    Dec 2, 2013
    Carriere Ms
    This is my first time trying to incubate eggs. I have read till my eyes are bleeding. Here is what i am doing and just looking for any input.
    It has been stable for 2 days
    I have added a acurite thermometer/hydrometer for a better feel of what is going on. my temps with the thermometer laying on its side for better viewing is 100 degrees and humidity is 20 percent. I am only doing 3 eggs, i have added 3 16 oz bottles of water for a heat sink and to help keep it warm when i open it to move the eggs around, I do not have a fan or egg turner, i plan on rolling the eggs around 3 times a day. and the eggs are laying on their side
    What have i forgot or need to do?
    Thank you for looking
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    That sounds great! I am on day 3 with 29 eggs in the incubator. I am also turning by hand 3x's per day but do have a fan. The water bottles are a great idea! I thought about putting sterilized massage stones in mine in case the power went out (which it only seems to do when it's -20 outside!). Sounds like you've got it all under control! I am a nervous wreck as this is my first hatch, and the eggs were shipped, and they're chocolate eggs to boot! Good luck with your hatch!
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    Hey Dragon, how goes the incubating? Have you candled yet? Your at 8 days or so now so if not a good time to do it. Note the air cell growth when candling too. 20% may be a bit low for humidity so if you see the air cell is much larger than normal growth just add a tumbler of water or other sized glass/dish (set it right in the incubator) to get humidity up. At 60% the air cell barely grows at all and is a good humidity during last three days of hatching. I like 35% during incubation, seems to develop a good air cell and hatching success is quite high with that. Depending on what you see when candling you may want to up the humidity to 40 or 45% to slow down growth of air cell or ride it out until it's darn near the size you want and get humidity up to 60% for entire time left. Really no "right" or "wrong" just what works for you.

    Here's a diagram I use for reference. I candle day 7 and 14, over the past incubations I've found 35% works best for me (will vary egg to egg but in general right on money) to keep close to ideal air cell growth to day 18 then up humidity for last 3 days.


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