first time mama duck


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May 9, 2007
Klamath Falls, Oregon
My duck just hatched her first eggs two days ago. 4 eggs out of 8 hatched. the last one that hatched was smaller and weaker, so Mama kicked it out of the nest last night. I checked on it a few times and still out and not walking I finally brought it in and put it in a lighted box. It is eating and drinking good, but still not walking. It does scoot all over the place though. So he got a name. lol Scooter He or she is finally standing for short times. The other babies are running all over the place outside and doing good. Mama left the other 4 eggs in the nest and as they looked pretty dark I finally took them out too and tossed them. I am hoping if Scooter gets strong enough to walk I can put him back with the others. But for now we have a baby in the house again.
aww good luck:-(
Well Scooter, as I call him (cause he scooted and couldn't walk) is in with the rest of his family and doing well. It took about 3 days of keeping him inside before he could walk, then out he went. Mama welcomed him with open wings and a big flying attack on me. hahaha. She heard him peep and she came a running fast.

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