First Time Mother (her and I)


10 Years
May 26, 2013
Washington State
I have a mated set of Guinea Fowl and only recently became aware that she was sitting on 15 or so eggs under ourJunipers. We live in the woods and our neighbors who raise Guinea Fowl said that the success rate for letting the mothers raise their own keets is not very favorable. So against my heartfelt wish to leave the family whole, I opted to step in and brood the little ones when they came. So forward to today, I went out in betwween rain showers to check on all my birds andlo and behold 10 little hours old babies in the yard trying really hard to follow mom. Swooped them up in a cardboard box and under a brooder light asap,. Got the water with marbles, a clean towel. and chicky crumble., and went back to double check the nest. Three more dead, one barely pipped but no life left init. a few more eggs, but mom went back to setting so am going to let her try to hatch out the rrmainders.... oh i hope this goes well.
Best of luck! It's good that you caught them when you did. After you survive crunch time and you have a moment to stop and breathe, be sure to post pictures of your new additions. :)

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