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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MollyM93, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Feb 1, 2014
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    Hey yall!! I am new to the forum. I have had chickens for almost a year now but the first chicks i got i am surprised i actually raised them ok as i didnt now what the heck i was doing. I ordered some baby dominecker chicks today. I have never ordered chicks online before so i dont know what to expect. Also how big of a brooder box do i need for 15 chicks? Any advice to a newbie would be greatly appreciated!!
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    My guidelines for brooders:

    0.5 sq ft per chick up to 2 weeks
    1 sq ft per chick age 2-4 weeks
    2.5 sq ft per chick 4-8 weeks

    You might consider raising them outdoors if you have a garage, shed, etc. in which you can set up an outdoor brooder. This member lives way up north and has brooded outdoors for many years:

    I brooded my last batch in the coop from day 1 with a single 250W heat lamp, in about a 5'x6' pen.. Night temps were down to the 50's, day 70's. At 3 weeks, they were sleeping in the corner, evidently to avoid the heat in the center, so I turned it off. If you do this, you will find they become accustomed to outdoor temps much more quickly than if you brood indoors and follow the usual temp guidelines. My climate is pretty similar to yours.
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    Jan 1, 2014
    Well... I have raised chicks/chickens for awhile too and am expecting a mail order group of faverolles chicks this week! I am putting at least 12 in a very large aluminum watering tank filled with wood chips, a feeder, and a chick waterer, clip on heat lamp, with a large bag of chick starter food. (24lbs about). All this is ready before the chicks arrive, I even call or stop in to my local post office to let them know I am expecting some LIVE chicks. They appreciate the "heads up" and seem just as excited as we are! They seem to be in good hands till I get there. When you get your batch home and find some chicks that are dead contact the hatchery you ordered from right away to get a refund cause the window to complain about a bad batch of chicks is very short.

    The more room the merrier but chickens do tend to snuggle each other for heat. With the tank i use if they get to warm they can just move to the other end away from the heat lamp. This is in the basement of my house by the way. Dominiques are a neat breed and I am sure they are in good hands cause your other chicks did just fine, hope this helps and welcome to BY chickens.

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