First Time Owners...advice?


Mar 11, 2018
Vermillion, SD
Hello! We are hoping to get our first chickens soon, but neither of us know much about raising and caring for them. What is suggested to have to get started? What care is required? We are going to have a run around our garden to help with bugs, and we will be getting egg layers. Suggestions on breeds and how many we should get? Thanks! :)
ISA Browns are a brown egg a day breed, easy care, but tend to live only 2-3 years. I've lost them earlier from going into molt and their bodies cannot recover without intensive care. In the extreme cold winters here, I choose breeds with smaller combs to avoid frostbite.

First how many eggs do you use or want daily/weekly?
Are they just for eating or will incubating be involved?

Most will lay an egg a day thru out laying season.

For the coop figure 4 sqf per bird. In the run figure 10 sqf.

I've had several breeds kinda partial to silver laced Wyandotte. But barred rocks, buff Orpington, Easter eggers, and Rhode island reds are good as well for easy to get breeds.

Are you planning to butcher any for the table. If so stay with dual purpose.

A lot is personal choice. Pick colors you like. Raise them if you like them stay with them. If there is something you don't like try another breed.

Easter eggers will give you colored eggs most others will be browns.

But beware there is a qierd calculation called chicken math that creeps in and soon you Will have more chickens than you thought you would.

Have fun with them and good luck

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