First Time Posting - Rooster with Droopy Wing and Green Poop


9 Years
Dec 7, 2010
Hi - I'm a new chicken caretaker and this is my first posting.

My rooster, hatched in late July or late August 2010 (so he is 6-7 months old) in a local flock of 75 birds in central Virginia, is a Cochin or Cochin mixed with something else. In addition to the rooster, we have three hens that will be one year old March 15 (also from the same flock) and one male guinea fowl.

On Feb 1 I noticed that some of his comb tips and the very back of the comb were blue and would alternate between blue and pink from day to day and throughout one day. I'm not sure if this is due to the cold, but I thought I would include it anyway.

On Feb 23 and 24 he had a droopy right wing, but was eating fine, mating with the three hens, giving them the choicest treats.

Then we were out of town for two days.

On Feb 27 he still had the droopy right wing, was pooping green poop (the color of bright green spring grass) with one dropping having an undigested field pea in it, and standing still in the corner of the outdoor run. I gave them some romaine lettuce that morning, he bent down to eat it, uttered the squawk he used before he matured when the hens pecked at him, then backed up really quickly and stood in the corner in front of the mirror.

On Feb 28 more "I'm afraid" or "That hurt" squawking, took two efforts to jump up on the roost, and still pooping the bright green spring grass color poop.

Today, he was "chatting" a little, but still standing off by himself, looking sleepy. The hens are not bothering him. UPDATE: as of late this afternoon he is "watching out" for the hens as they free range around the yard. He mated with two of them (hard to maintain your balance with only one good wing!). I took his photo and a photo of the poop and will load them when I can. I also noticed that there are tiny white pearls in his poop (about the size of a pencil dot on paper) - probably worm eggs?

In the past few three days I have fed him scrambled egg yolk, cooked rice, white bread soaked in milk with probiotics, blueberries, dried mealworms, sunflower seeds, and buttered bread. He is also eating millet and the organic layer feed (which also contains probiotics), and drinking water with added minerals (like an electrolyte).

Does something come to mind to anyone?

I appreciate any ideas you may have.
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Welcome to BYC.

That is an odd one. Nothing comes to mind in my experience. I raise large fowl Cochins and haven't had any wing issues like that.

Hopefully someone else will see this and give you some advice. Sounds like you are giving him the best treatment you can right now, though.

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