First-time raising chicken children :)

Hillary Anne

In the Brooder
May 31, 2017
Kitchener, Ontario
Hello chicken-lover world!

My spouse and I are officially first-time chicken parents. The chicks were born in early April; and, while they were busy staying alive, we built them a coop in our urban backyard. There were five chicks in total. Our close friends are raising 3 and we are raising 2. Lucy & Bum-Bum, now pullets, moved into their new coop this past Sunday. They are about 8 weeks old.

We're not entirely sure of the breeds, I'm actually hoping someone can help me identify them. One (in my avatar) appears to be a Rhode Island Red - And the other looks like a Plymouth Rock chicken.

My spouse and I also have two cats, one of which is a rescue with a huge personality. We both love animals, and are avid backcountry campers and rock-climbers. My spouse is a Chiropractor and I work as a Project Coordinator for the local University.

I stumbled upon BYC on a Google search while we were building the coop. I'm really excited to hear everyone's ideas and learn all the chicken things.

Bye for now!


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