First time using an incubator


8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Received a bunch of fertilized chicken eggs from a friend. All went into my new incubator. Yesterday, 2 little black chicks emerged. None since. Should I put the ventilation plugs back in to keep the humidity constant? How long can a newly hatched chick survive without fresh air? How long should I wait for the remaining eggs to hatch? 2-3 more days or longer? Should I help them by cracking the shells at this late date?
I have a similar question... a friend shared eggs and they were at Day 21 today, one hatched yesterday and 2 others pipped, but haven't made much progress... Others don't seem to be doing anything... How long do I wait and is there anything I can do to help things? The one that hatched is out of the bator now (he tried to swim in the water dish)
i think 24 hours the new chick can be in the incubator. good luck keep us posted. i will be doing my first incubation this week:fl
to al6517:
I am using a Little Giant model 9200 with an automatic egg turner, which I turned off a few days ago.

to Buttercup Farm:
Fill your water dish with marbles. Chick will learn to drink between them and not get so wet or even drown.

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