First time waiting for eggs to hatch

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    Apr 19, 2014
    Need advice. So I have 12 assorted hens and one roo. Two hens are broody and sitting on eggs, and have been for about 3-4 weeks. My chickens are well taken care of, and my approach has been to let nature run it's course. But now I need more info. I have gone out at night with a light and removed the ones with no veins, the ones I can see through. I do this every two days or so. There have been a few times we have cracked an egg to eat and realized it was a fertile, more developed egg. I have been growing concerned about how to tell if the "matter" i see inside is a dud- which it seems should be removed, or in general if I am doing things wrong. My kids and I want chicks, and I guess I need a little basic tutorial. Can anyone help? Haven't been able to find a good source of info to this point. THANKS!
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    Candling under a broody every 2 days no id leave them alone ..

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