First time with a leg injury!

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    Hi BYC friends!

    I came out to our coop yesterday to discover our 4 month old EE was limping. She is eating, drinking, pooping, and acting fine. Today she acts like she doesn't want to bear weight on it. Being a nurse, I am assuming you assess the injury similar to a human. There is no heat, no redness, no sign of bumblefoot, and no obvious breaks/deformitites.

    We pulled her from the coop because silly girl was trying to get up on the roosting rod. We have a pop up dog kennel that we have turned into a make shift "chicken hospital" with food, water, and grit. She is laying down a lot, which I am assuming is good because it will allow the foot to rest and heal. She does tend to hold the affected foot up when she is standing.

    I'm just looking for a little reassurance or advice that I am doing everything correctly to get her better. I am somewhat new to chickens and have never dealt with any type of injury.

    Thank you in advance! Have an amazing day!
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    Whenever I have a limping chicken I always assess it first. If there's no red or heat, or anything abnormal about it, I usually keep it with the other chickens during the day and put it in its own cage in the coop at night.
    They have always turned out to be perfectly normal.
    I usually give them some vitamins too
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    Keeping her in a dog crate inside the coop or outside with the chickens where she can still be a part of the flock is a good way to force rest of an injured leg. Evaluate how she is walking weekly. Dissolve a vitamin B complex tablet in her water just to give her a boost. Many people have high roosts or nesting boxes which can be a cause of leg injuries. Do you have a rooster who may have tried to breed her causing the injury?
  4. JsChkns

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    We currently have her in a crate with the other chickens roaming around so she can still be a part of the flock. Our dog crate we have is for a very large dog so it won't fit inside the coop.

    I will definitely do the vitamin B complex. The funny thing is our roosting rods are pretty low to the ground. I'm thinking that she may have fumbled when she got down or was pushed off by one of the other hens. They like to squeeze together. No, we don't have a rooster. I have ran so many scenarios through my head and the ones mentioned previously are my only thoughts. The other two hens aren't that aggressive to have injured her. So, I'm thinking she must have just landed wrong somehow.

    Thank you for your advice! It is much appreciated!

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