first time with sick/wheezing chicken - (and worried child)

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    Jun 27, 2008
    One of my 5 hens started wheezing today - after a snowy and cold past week here in the Northeast. We've had so much snow that for the first time in 3 years, the chickens have stayed in their coops during the day - which means that she has not had as much access to water (the water in the coop freezes pretty quickly - but I have been bringing the girls a mixture of warm water, pellets, cracked corn and a bit of yogurt several times throughout the day to be sure they are getting moisture. Their coop is not heated but not drafty and they are all heavy breeds that have weathered 2 winters in that coop already. Today this one chicken seems to be wheezing mildly and its supposed to be a cold night so I have brought her inside in a big dog carrier, with a waterer and some treats and I'm hoping she can have a quiet night in my still-cool house.

    What should I do? Keep her separated from the others? Go to a feed store and buy antibiotics? I will put some ACV in her water, I put spinach and some scrabled egg in to eat and tomorrow I can get pedialyte if you think I should.

    All the chickens have had a stressful past week I'm sure - with inconsistent access to water (my heated waterbowl is too big to fit in their coop - and I shovel a path to it from their coop - but they still won't come out to it to drink), dealing with the cold, the mental and physical effects of staying in the coop most of the time (when they are used to a lot more space and activity free ranging around my yard). I have been giving them all alot more cracked corn than I usually do - to help them stay warmer and also for entertainment in the coop

    My 12 year old is hugely anxious and is desperate to get some advice from you experts!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and support.
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    I would deff. keep her separated from the rest till you know what your dealing with. does your coop have good ventilation? poor ventilation causes respitatory problems because of excess humidity. you might want to consider a heated water bucket or dog waterer. They have them at Trs and other places. there is an invaluable site that all BYCers should read its you might want to consider ordering this product for times like this when everyone is cooped up close together. I use it weekly on my birds by misting and also spray down their coops and put into their water every other day, switching off and on with ACV. it probably would be a good idea to have some pedialyte on hand. As for antibiotics it would be hard to say which to get since you aren't sure what your dealing with, is she eating good drinking water? how does her poop look? Most respirtory diseases are contagious so keep her from the rest of the flock is very good idea.

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