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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Thompsonv, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Jun 15, 2016
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    So i've read through some of these posts and this is my first year with ducks. I have two rouens that eat very well, haha. I was really nervous when we first got snow cause they stopped moving much and only took a few steps and would lay down. But they seem to have adjusted. They free range mostly but have a pen roughly 4'x9' ish i covered the top and most the sides and they have a little shelter to go in and the whole ground is covered in hay inside the pen. They also have a very nice house to go inside at night that's about 3'x3' it also has a thick hay layering on top of the floor. They have been going back and forth throughout the day but it's expected to be -3 to -12 for a high with the windchill in a few days/nights. I'm worried about them getting cold though. I don't want to keep them locked inside their house with this weather since it is kinda small. We do have a small woodshop/shed that's insulated it's probably 14'x12' I considered making a makeshift home in there during those very cold times. Any thoughts/ experiences would be appreciated, Clint and Crackers would thank you themselves but they are busy decorating their house :)

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  3. I believe I replied to your other thread asking the same questions?

    As long as they can get out of the wind in the run, they will be fine......Straw down to huddle in and keep bodies off the ground and feet warm.........Free choice feed and water.......I lock mine up at night without food and water.....They do great.....


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