First try at incubating.

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    I'm trying my hand at hatching some chicks for the first time. I bought them on ebay and are French black copper Marans. There is only 12 eggs. I have the incubator working and has stabilized at 99 degrees and about 60% humidity. They should be here tomorrow and no later than the 24th. I have a Farm Innovators model 4200 self turner from TSC.

    My husband thinks we still need to turn them I say no which one of us is right?
    Should I still mark them so I can tell if they are turning?
    Also I believe I read some where you place them in with large end up so they have an air pocket when they start the break out.?

    If this works I want to get more Marans and maybe Aruacanas ( I no that's not the right spelling.)

    Where is the best place to buy eggs?

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    Hello there! You are right, with the autoturner no additional turning is required. You do place them large end up in the turner. However, your humidity is pretty high. 60%+ is what I would use for when you lock them down. With 60% humidity during incubation, you may drown them in the shell. I would watch the air cells to make sure all is progressing correctly.

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