First winter with chickens I have questions!

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    Apr 23, 2008
    My chickens were hatched April 2nd so they are 6 months old now. This is our first winter. Do we have to keep the red light in the coop at night? We usually don't have that cold of winters here in KY. Do I need to close up their house real good? Don't they still need some air flow. Will I need to try to keep the snow out of their run area? How do you keep their water from freezing. I'm sure I'll have more the closer winter gets but that's all for now.
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    May 14, 2008
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    No, they shouldn't need a light in the coop at night. Our chickens are about the same age as yours and we aren't planning on heating their coop at all. (Well, ok, unless it gets below zero, then I might put a lamp for heat in there.)

    Yes, their coop should be windproof, but there still needs to be ventilation. Check out member patandchickens ventilation page.

    Keeping the snow out of their run is probably optional.

    To keep the water from freezing, you can just buy 2 waterers and switch them out whenever one freezes. You can also buy heated dog water bowls or heated poultry waterers. Some people also use little heaters that are supposed to keep bird baths from freezing over, I forget what they're called.

    Hope this helps!
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    No they probably don't need anything special. Of course this is me talking, with a fiance who put in a radiator, timed lights, timed fan, etc..... Our chickens are spoiled rotten.
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    I had some chickens last winter that refused to go in the coop. They roosted in a pone tree next to the house. It was funny to watch them shake the snow off some mornings. As for keeping the run snow free I wouldn't. Have you ever watched a puppy the first time it was in the snow, same thing with chickens. I do leave a 60 watt light on in the coop once the temp drops below 50 degrees. The chickens don't really need it, but I have chicks in them most of the year. I have a hen setting now that should hatch out nov. 9. There will probably be snow on the ground then. They won't go out for a few weeks, unless it is dry. They almost always leave the coop at three days old. What a pain, for I have to make sure they get back in.
    The main thing is to make sure the water doesn't freeze and they have feed 24/7.

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