Fitomite oral herbal liquid against mites


Jul 21, 2019
Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe
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There is a product called Fitomite by Chemipharma, I think it is Italian. It is a herbal mix which is added to water, chicken drink it and then presumably they are mites free. I used it last year and it didn't work for me as the effect of the herbal mix is that it changes the chicken blood, mites cannot feed on chicken blood and die out. Except... Mites feed very well on chicken poop and any other life matter, so they have plenty of food. This year I am using the leftover from last year's bottle and decided to check if anyone has used this product successfully..?


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Nov 18, 2007
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I agree. I had a mite infestation in a coop and used DE (diatomaceous earth). Many people swear by it but it didn't affect the mites here. After using it for a couple of weeks the birds were looking worse. I thought I might loose some birds. I did some research and discovered permethrin available here. It worked. I treated weekly for about a month because it does not kill the mite eggs but will kill them as they hatch out. Good luck...

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