Five chicks, six weeks two days old... can someone give me an opinion if a couple are roos?


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Nov 1, 2011
I have two Buff Orpingtons, two Black Australorps and one Barred Rock. I suspect one of the Black Australorp and one of the barred rock is a rooster. Even one of the Buffs may be a roo. Any opinions?

The barred rock in the back. I'm thinking the buff in the front and the black Australorp in the middle are hens.

This is the barred rock.

This is possibly a roo too?

You can see the black australorp that I think is a roo (because of red comb) here.

The black australorp with red comb again.

I think this is a pullet. I love this picture!

Still, if only they are all pullets!

Love this forum too, by the way. I find myself reading it compulsively. I'm totally new to chickens and raising chickens too.
Alas! The lady I got the chicks from is very nice and helpful. She would take back the roos (but sadly, probably eat them at six months). Oh, I hope we all suspect wrong. I'm already attached to them. I don't suppose three roos can live together well.

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The roos can, it's the women who will suffer, as usual.. LOL. What I mean is, if your boys grow up together they'll probably be fine. The pullets getting all that "attention" from three roosters is NOT a good circumstance, however. :(
See??? This is just another way to do "chicken math" LOL.

I have 2 roos, they were fine until about 10-12 months of age. Now I have an alpha and a beta that keep their places and distance. There is a small amount of bloodshed every once in a while (they are 1.5 now). We all grew attached, so here they remain. Not the ideal circumstance though.

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