Five Girls Laying...Five Haven't Started Yet...Help with Feed?

Apr 30, 2018
Tooele, UT
Hi All,

Since I can't determine which of my five girls have started laying and which aren't, I am concerned that I have started ALL the girls on Layer feed but read that I could be hurting the girls who haven't started laying. I read in an article that only layers should get layer because the extra calcium can cause kidney damage in non-layers.

I'm also thinking about going only FF moving forward because of its nutritional values.

What, if anything, should I do if this is really the case?
So that I don't waste the brand new 25 lb bag of layer feed (I've used about 5 lbs of it already), can I use this up first then switch to All Flock feed? Also, after switching, do I just keep them on All Flock from here on out?

I have free choice grit and oyster shell out for them already. I have 10 girls - all standards, no bantams so they go through a good amount of feed each day.
My girls are 5 1/2 months old...

Should be fine. If you had a mixed flock or if they were much younger, I'd be hesitant to put them all on layer, but no reason to waste it.

If in the future you decide to just go with all flock all year round, that's an option too. I actually do a 50/50 split with grower and layer since I seem to like to complicate things...

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