Fixing curled toes in chicks - new idea w/ pics


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Recently a chick hatched with curled toes and splay legs. For the splay legs I used a band-aid to place the legs in the proper positions but for the curled toes I was at a loss as to how to fix that. The chick was very small - a Serama, and it was hard to find anything to tape to the feet that wasn't too big. So, after giving it some thought I decided to try some of those sticky-backed furniture pad dots. They worked wonderfully and quickly! After only a couple of days the toes weren't curled anymore. Just thought I'd share this idea with the hope that it might help others who's chicks have the same problem.

Chick before any treatment:

Chick after placement of the band-aid and sticky-backed furniture pads:

OMG she is so cute modeling her new chicken wear. Great idea for the curled toes looks like it will work. I have seen people use band aids, but this looks easier. Let us know how it worked. Knock on wood I havent had to do this yet but if I ever do I will remember this.
Great Idea!! I will have to remember this one....
Can we get a follow up report please? It looks like a great idea and I am very curious as to how she is doing now.
Had a 2-day old chick born with foot bent backwards. He was walking on his ankle-front with his foot behind. Made a shoe. It works. My only recommendation to others is to use a neutral color vetwrap if the chick will be in with others. They see that bright color and peck it. I used a plastic separator piece from a fishing lure box (the plastic ones--they are thermoplastic and you can reshape them with heat without damaging the plastic). I cut into a spoon shape. The spoon part was large enough to allow the whole foot to rest on it with only the toe tips overlapping. I then used a lighter to heat up the place where it transitions from spoon to handle and bent it to a 45 degree angle. I cut strips 1/4" wide and 2" long from the vetwrap. Chick did great. He immediately was able to walk and is getting around just as good as the rest. We will leave it on for a few days.


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