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    about a year ago my birds got infected with scaly leg at a show due to a careless exhibitor (partially my fault i didn't jump on it fast enough) I did eventually take care of it, which was trying enough (you try smearing vaseline on an annoyed chickens legs when its 5* out) and have gotten rid of the mites, but theres still dirt under the scales. I know that i killed all the mites on the chickens, and i'm almost possitive there aren't any living in the coop because i bleached it, several times. However the scales on several of the worst birds are still slightly raised, and all of them have dirt under the scales. I had to miss alot of shows while trying to irradicate the mites, and now that i can get back into it my birds are doing horrible because of there legs (not trying to brag but my birds used to do very well) I breed and show wheaton old english bantams, so the legs are not feathered and should be pearly white, the perfect color to show dirt. I'v been dipping them in rubbing alcohal and vege oil, daily as well as scrubbing their legs with an old tooth brush in an attempt to get rid of the dirt or help them shed the scales, all its doing is making my birds hate me. I'm starting to get really frustrated, is there anything i can do (preferably quickly) I'm also gonna use this post to say, if you have birds that you think may be sick, do not bring them to a show, sale or swap meet! Its an incredibly selfish thing to do. Also (i'm sure everyone has heard this a million times) after a show make sure you isolate all the birds that went to the show, it also helps to check out the birds around you and see if their sick. The birds that infected me apparently were so infested with both leg and feather mites that you could see them crawling all over the poor bird, a friend told me later. Help would be appreciated. (I'm kind of viewing this scenario like dubbing, if they weren't show birds then I definitely wouldn't be worrying about it, so if you think i might be adverse to a suggestion throw it out there cause at this point i'm open to just about anything)

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