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    I need to make a last minute reduction in the numbers I am taking to MN with me. THIS IS AN URGENT SALE, PREFER PICKUP IN FL ONLY. I NEED THESE GONE NOW!!!

    Don't bid, contact me about picking up in person at the ranch.

    My flock was just recertified AI, Pullorum, and Typhoid clean in July. I also had everything tested for MG & MS, and they are negative. They have a state health certificate as well.

    Here's what needs a home:

    1) Bourbon Red Pair. The hen has returned from molt, she's looking great. The tom is finishing up a molt. The tom is my daughter's repeat ABA/APA champion turkey. If you've attended any of the ABA/APA shows these last couple of years, you've likely seen him. I was asking $100 for the pair, would accept a reasonable offer if they don't go to slaughter. PLEASE.

    2) True Beltsville White turkey trio. One tom, two hens. NICE NICE. I've shown the hens to champion turkey this last year. If you've been to ABA/APA shows, you've likely seen them as well. These are midget, not Midget Whites, but BELTSVILLES. I was asking $150, again, would accept a reasonable offer if these do not go to slaughter, PLEASE.

    3) Bibbed Call Duck pair, black bibbed hen, has always won her class, with a blue bibbed drake bred by Jordon Tong. Both have went through their molt, and are looking great and are ready for the upcoming show season. $100

    4) Blue Fawn Call Duck pair, a very nice breeder pair with a respectable show record that has produced some nice offspring for us. These continued to lay late into the season for me. Are returning from a molt now. They have produced a very gorgeous SILVER FAWN duckling. New color, I guess that's the best way to call it. Breed this pair again next year and you'll likely get more of this color. $75

    5) Layers- 1 Buff Orp, 2 White Leghorns, 1 Brown X, 1 Australorp X. $40 if you take all at once.

    6) Pair of '2010 IB peafowl, one has a couple of white flights in the wing, probably carries pied. $40 for the pair.

    7) Bantam Araucana clean headed and tailed rooster. He's gorgeous and sweet. $5

    8) Bantam Araucana rumpless chicks, well started. $3 each.

    9) Key West chickens. Please not for slaughter. 5 in all, 2 roos, 3 hens, BBR/Wheaton with some breast lacing. Single comb. The roos have a gamey look to them, the hens look like brown leghorns. Excellent free rangers, foragers, extremely savvy and self sufficient, and the hens are excellent broodies. The hens are friendly, the roos are not. Asking $30 for the group.

    10) Three adult pearl guineas. $30 for the 3.

    11) One adorable torti colored male lionhead cross bun. I think he's crossed with Netherland Dwarf. He's tiny, and so very sweet. He's about 5 months old now. Asking $10 with a not so great cage.

    12) California Valley Quail, group of 5-3 cocks/2 hens. Almost fully grown, very healthy & vigorous. Asking $100

    13) I have a LOT of cages. Poultry cages, flight cages, parrot cages, breeder cages, poultry house, etc. I am asking from $5 to $150 each. Would deeply discount if you took several. You'll have to pick them up at the ranch, with the larger 8 ft flight cages, you'll need a trailer.

    14) Incubators and parts. All well used, they either work or would be good for parts. Hovabators plus auto turners. One round galvanized incubator as well. Just make me an offer. Plus I also have two double unit Reptile or Avian ICU units. I had the heating pads at once time, but they are probably no good any more. These are high end units, would like to get $50 each.

    I am open to ANY REASONABLE OFFER. These have to go like yesterday. They are holding up my move now. I would prefer NOT to ship in case the temps don't cooperate in time for my departure, I don't want to have to bring these to MN and ship from there. I'm trying to make space for the birds I am taking. Really prefer cash for my moving expenses. I desperately need to place all these items. I had land that I was going to lease when I got to MN and that fell through at the 11th hour just prior to my move, so I am having to make alternate plans and that's really put me in a bind.
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    If only I lived in Florida [​IMG]
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    Sent you a PM please let me know [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] i wish i lived in fl!!!!

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