FL-FOUND: Silkie & Buff Orp Eggs

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Aug 5, 2009
Lithia, FL
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I found what I was looking for, at least for now! Thanks!

Either ship or pick up in Tampa Area.

We are looking to attempt our first incubation project. Have the hovabator/egg turner ready. Coop is ready and we only have our 3 EEs.

I want a Buff Orpington or two and some silkies. We prefer a mix of partridge, splash and blue for the silkies. Does anyone have both breeds? Would be nice to get them both in one shot for convenience sake.

The other option is to find someone local who has silkie eggs and an Orpington Hen. My EEs are around 6 weeks, so any age around there would be nice.

I kept trying to hook up with a local silkie breeder, but that hasn't panned out yet...

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Try Bobbo Porto in Lutz (Indigo Egg). She has gorgeous Silkies. In all colors. Don't know if she has Orps or not. PM me if u need her contact info.
I wish I knew that sooner
I would have just gone there and probably would have had a better hatch rate. I guess that serves me right for not asking. Thanks for the future info though!
Thanks new2chooks! We've been blessed with some beautiful Buff Orpingtons.


Our flock is given the best in feeds, sprouted grains and homegrown veggies from our chemical free garden and of course loving care!

Please be sure to review our feedback here:

and have a blessed day!

Please let us know whenever we may serve you. Thanks.

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I am new to these forums and didn't realize anyone else had replied. Sorry I ended up buying eggs from someone else this time, but I'll keep you in mind in the future! Thanks!

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