flaky skin around new feathers


12 Years
Jun 15, 2010
My 7 month old puller went throughout what I thought was light molt. She has new feathers growing in on the area under the vent where all the fluffy feathers are and I just noticed her skin is super flaky and found few yellow scabs too. Is this normal? My other 3 girls don't have this. She seems healthy, eating, drinking, laying. She does seem a bit skinny - all 4 of them do actually. I never weighted them before so I am not sure if they lost weight but their breast bone is protruding a lot. They get some protein treat almost everyday. Am I overthinking this?

That looks normal too me. All that flake is the outer "skin" that covers a newly growing feather. As they preen this "skin" off, it leaves all those tiny flakey like things on their feathers.

I think she is fine. :)
So its been few months and her skin hasn't improved, it actually seems worse now and she stopped laying again. I soaked her in epson salt bath today and took some new pictures.
She also had this explosive diarrhea like poop which really looked like grass clippings mixed with water.


This doesn't look normal to me :/
I know this is an old thread but what was the outcome with your hen? I have a similar problem with one of mine and her skin is now really flakey and she has only laid twice in 4 months. I’ve done another post on her but would be very interested what the problem was with yours.

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