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    Jul 15, 2009
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    I have a Black Austrolorp hen who appears to be going through a little molt. She has lost some patches of feathers on her head, and has pin feathers sticking out.
    A few months ago she "went broody" and pulled out a bunch of her breast feathers, which still haven't grown back. I noticed that the skin on this bare area is very flaky- like bad dandruff or "cradle cap." Is this normal, connected with the molting, or a sign of illness? She has not been laying well lately, but appears otherwise healthy.

  2. possumqueen

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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Check her for mites. Look under her feathers, along the feather shafts, and around her tail. If no one else in the flock is doing this, then you might want to dust or spray just her with a mite spray or powder. Check your feed store for a good one.

    If you've got artificial heat in your coop, and she's hogging the heat, it might be drying her skin out. It does that to me, and I'm not a chicken![​IMG]

    I'm not even a spring chicken. . . .[​IMG]
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    I dont think its mites. When my floc when threw a molt it was really flaky on the poop catcher. Like everywhere. Once molting stopped, so did the flakes.
    PS Of course routenly check for mites
  4. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    i'm having the same problem on some of my chicks and i know its not mites they have been treated for them (well they dusted themselves with a dust bath). it peels like a person does with a sunburn and its not the feather shaft. these areas are bald and i dont see any feathers growing back in so i have yet again and keep checking day and night for mites but i don't see any, no signs what so ever on these chicks. even the necked necks look like they were sunburned and started peeling on their necks but the chicks in question are all feathered all over. what's going on i have raised over 30 chicks/chickens and have never seen this before

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