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  1. kal

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    Jun 23, 2010
    hi every1
    im kal and this is my 1st post lol had 2 18 week old star chickens 2 weeks ago and 1 laid her 1st egg on the 19/6/2010 and laid everyday since lol and the other 1 laid her 1st egg today 23/6/2010.
    right i hope someone can help me as i was wondering if you can use dog/cat flea powder on chickens?????? iv tried looking on the net but cant find anything and iv looked on this site for other stuff and found it very very helpfull for instance i have made my own coop and the info i found of here for size etc etc etc helped me heap's. so now im hoping someone can help me now x[​IMG]
  2. Finn's Mom

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    Hello and welcome. And congratulations on your first eggs! Try looking up the products diatomaceous earth (DE) and Sevin. I have not used either -- yet -- so am hesitant to advise you myself, but from what I have read here, DE is a great preventative, and sevin will help with your treatment. (pretty sure the cat and dog stuff would be harmful) Good luck!
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    I've used Sevin dust on my roosts and nesting boxes without any problems. Get the 7%. I would not recommend it tho because I heard some pros and cons about it.

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