Flea/tick/mites/lice prevention and treatments

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    Mar 6, 2016
    AIKEN, South Carolina
    My husband and I are new chick owners. We have ten assorted pullets who turned a month old today. We are using canopies and avian netting to keep them in, prey birds out. Coup is tight and wont let coons, fox, opposums in. We set snake trap tonight. But if I pick one of our babies up to hold and have a chicken convo, and see creepy crawly bugs on one, imma gonna freak all the way out.
    We use pine shavings for bedding. I use kitty litter scoop and pick up poop every day. I turn the shavings over every day. Coup is dry, no leaks, fans installed, DE spread in layers in coup, dirt baths, yard, etc.Frontlne is worthless here in SC. I switched to K9 Advantix 11 on dogs, which works. Can this be used on month old chicks for possible prevention or treatment?

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