FLEAS!!! Will cold kill them & any success stories out there...please

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    So tomorrow we start our battle with the fleas! There are sooo many of them! I have read lots of posts here about other people fighting the fleas too. I was kinda wondering if the "lack of winter" lasy year may have something to do with this. We never had a freeze to kill off any bugs last winter. I am in N. Florida. Gosh, this may be the 1st year I am hoping for some cold weather.

    So will cold temps kill the fleas or at least make them go dormant?

    And does ANYONE have a success story to share with me about battling the fleas?
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    Apr 15, 2008
    I have a success story for you, after years of battling fleas with bombs, exterminators and sprays. One of the keys to success is treating everything at once. For instance, if you have a dog in the house, fleas in the house, etc., you need to treat the dog, the furniture, the flooring, the yard, etc.

    The product we found is called Fleas Busters (no affiliation). Do a google search for it. It works mechanically, not by poison. It's a powder that you sprinkle.
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