Fleming outdoors


10 Years
May 10, 2011
Chattanooga, TN
So, I needed red 7-watt bulbs for my brooder and hit the link here for Fleming outdoors. I needed them fast as the chicks were hatching at my sister's. While she wanted to keep them a bit-I was afraid she'd freak at the smell and I'd be unprepared to go pick them up. I ordered late on Tuesday and they arrived at my house before 11:00 am on Thursday. Very happy with the time it took. Then I had a manufactures defect, 1 bulb blew in less then 24 hours, within a week, one more came apart from the base, and another simple blew.. Talked to Fleming, no problems and more bulbs on the way--Don't you love a company who has great customer service!! Thanks Fleming Outdoors!

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