Flew the Coop....or the YARD!! Ahhh

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    I experienced a frightening event yesterday! My little SweetPea decided to 'fly the coop! She is the sweetest chicken in my flock and is always following me everywhere. I've never seen her fly higher than my waist...she is the only one in the flock who attempts to fly...as of yet. But yesterday after the weather cooled down, I decided to let my flock out of the coop to free range for a bit. She was the last to leave....and out of pure joy or excitement, she flew out the coop over my garden, and into my neighbors yard! I...was...terrified!!! She has never flown this high! Luckily she landed on the ledge on the neighbors side....but the problem was....i needed to get to her before she decided to make another move. The neighbors have a large old dog and I couldn't bare to see her have to flee from him....although she probably wouldn't have a problem. With my adrenaline pumping...I managed to drag my large, heavy park bench to the fence to rescue her! I couldn't believe she stayed put! I managed to grab her with no problem. She certainly seemed a little freaked....but she was saved!! I was holding off on having to clip their wings...but now is the time! I never want to experience chicken escape ever again! Thanks for listening! [​IMG]

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    I'm so glad you got her! She is a cutie!
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    My RIR did the same thing! I think they stun themselves when they actually succeed in flying so high, that's why they 'wait' for you to come get them. Such and adrenaline rush, I just remember thinking "don'tmove!don'tmove!dontmove!" lol She's ALWAYS clipped now, but only one side so it just puts her off balance... the little bugger lol

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