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Apr 25, 2015
I have 4 hens, since birth 18 months ago. I introduced two new young hens (one year old and laying) into the group. one was a Rhode Island Red, the other an Easter Egger. Well the RIR is/was a flyer. before night the first day she had flown over the run walls numerous time. BTW -none of the others have ever manged a flight that high. I was going to clip her flight feathers the next day, but the last time she went over, she escaped. I got a call from a neighbor down the street who saw her in his yard. I went to get her but she had escaped. then about an hour later I got a call from someone saying she was on their porch (about 2 city blocks away) I went to get her, but she had disappeared and I could not find her. I left corn and a small coop out, but she never returned and I think she is probably gone for good.

Now the issue is the other new hen. My original 4 are merciless to her. they are now even poking a hole in her eggs.

I am thinking about getting another Easter Egger from her flock but it might be too late for them to be bonded and make a "team".

any thoughts??



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Jul 16, 2015
It can depend on whether she was raised with the EE. Just because they are living on the same farm doesn't mean they will get along. It's best to ask if they were raised in the same clutch, or batch.

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