flies and spray used for horse stables?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by erinszoo, Jun 29, 2011.

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    We are having an awful time with flies in our poultry pen. We have chickens, geese, 1 duck and 1 turkey in a 30 x 30 pen with a 4 x 18 foot coop that lets the chickens and turkey have their own areas away from the geese and duck. They also have two small ponds with a stream between them. We've been putting down fresh hay every day and raking the yard every two to three days as well. We also got some fly traps, those jars with fly bait that we've hung around the coop.

    A worker at our local farm store suggested we get a spray that is used for horse stables to kill the flies out but all the cans of spray we looked at said any birds had to be removed before it could be used.

    Has anyone used any of these sprays with success without hurting their birds?

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    I have horses but have not used that type of spray around the chickens and probably wouldn't. I would move the jar type traps away from the coops some. They are actually going to attract more flies. I'm a newbie and am not having a fly problem. I would think the chickens would be eating the little pests.
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    Yes, the jars ATTRACT flies, so you put them OUT from the area you want to be fly-free. There are sprays you use ON horses to repel flies; read the label to chek ingredients. I would bet they can be used on your birds. Country Vet makes an automatic fly spray that definitely can be used in areas housing birds.

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