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  1. corynelson

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    Mar 21, 2009
    Well my neighbor had lots of horses and he's a polo guy so he only is down here durring the season but when he's no all of his flies come to my chicken coop and it drives me insane. So does anyone have any teqniques of keeping them away?? besides a sticky strip because i have about 8 out there right now.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Well, I don't see how the horses could be any greater contributor to the flies than any other livestock including chickens, but the fly predators from Arbico are fantastic helpers. Only problem with chickens, I suppose they would eat the fly predators as well as the flies if they can reach them.

    You have to fight flies on many fronts. Diotamaceous earth helps greatly. Purple Martin houses and the purple martins they attract are fantastic for flies and mosquitoes, as long as their season lasts in your area.

    The fly strips and fly baited bottles that hang away from the chicken's reach are another weapon of war.

    Things that refract light also scare flies and mosquitos away. But they may scare the chickens too. IE, clear plastic bags filled with water hung every 8 feet or so around the area you are trying to keep the flies away from. Also, the very shiny silver CD or DVD discs you get through the mail, hung to swing, sway and refract light do the same.


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