FLIES: Has anybody tried this?

If you can get over the smell of those things then your okay! To me they don't work good enough to put up with the stench!!

These were oringinally put together fo the military people. They worked so darn well, that the company started a plant for us regular folk. You should be able to purchase them for about 8 to 10 bucks at your feed store when they get them in for the summer. They go really fast so get there soon !!!

You MUST read the directions and follow them in detail. They really do stink up the place though.
I have the plans for the best fly catcher EVER. I really will have to get a picture in the morning. It is ridiculously gross but there are so many flies in the thing that no more could fit! Imagine a two liter bottle half full of flies.

It is an old soda bottle with the top cut off and inverted into the bottom of the bottle. Inside put some chicken manure in some water. Hang it FAR from your home and let it go for over a week. As the flies die it adds to the ick factor that living flies love so much. My fisrt attempt worked so well that i simply poured off some of the old nastiness into three new bottles so that i did not have to wait for the fresh manure to cook.

::WARNING::: the stuff that you are left with in the bottle is really beyond gross but who am i to judge what a fly finds appealing. I just like em away from my home and food.
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My Brother uses these. He lives next door to a cattle farmer. He catches so many flies in that thing it stinks form 20 feet away.
You do have to follow the instructions like the op said. I can not believe how good they work.
I heard someone on here talk about using vanilla scented air fresheners. I went out and got a 6 pk of the vanillaroma trees for cars and hung em in the coop. Not a single fly anywhere in there! and the coop smells fabulous!
they work awesome! I have 40 horses and have one for every horse - works wonders BUT i warn you the smell is horrific - handle them with gloves - cuz the smell is hard to get off your hands and the smell will also stink through any plastic trash bag. i wouldnt recommend putting them in a closed coop but hang them close by (not too high up) and make sure you keep them full of water other wise they dont work.
I alsi got a nature automatic fly sprayer for my coop - sprays out one squirt of natural fly spray every 30 minutes - works great - cost me $29 for machine and $5 for can refills.

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