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  1. Gunny T

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    Nov 18, 2015
    Visalia Ca
    I was looking at some of the photos and wanted to share some info on the fly battle that most of us endure. Do not place fly bait traps like those pheromone traps you add water to, inside or close to your coop or animal stalls. These are designed to -attract- flies. Flies can travel a quarter mile. Put those type traps away from the places you don't want flies. Use sticky traps in and around your coop or stalls. Where the animals can't get to them of course... Rake around the area and keep poop cleaned up. Just my two cents....
  2. Ameraucanas

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    May 15, 2015
    We are very lucky with not having barely any flies. Also, I couldn't bear killing them, I would feel so guilty.
  3. Jesusfreak101

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    Sep 2, 2015
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    Ameruacanas after having flies in the house i am willing to murder everyone one of them. The flies for some reason this year are horrible they on everything even cars and its not just us other people i know that dont have animals have them bad as well so its annoying majorly not to be able to get away from them.
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    Jul 5, 2013
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    i should show this to my stupid neighbor he put those fly bags on the tree where my chickens like to sit thens came over after a few days and complain about all the f$%^&** flies and said it was my doing[​IMG]

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